Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Boston - our hotel

I mentioned that we had a rather unusual hotel room when we stayed in Boston which had a woodland theme.  I thought you might like to see a few of the woodland details.

This is wallpaper which was on the wall beside the bed.  It is very dark and mysterious.

There were various pieces of wood placed around, the one above was on a shelf at the end of the bed, it appeared rather like some sort of headless animal to us - we didn't like it at all.  The one below was quite amazing, it was very dimensional, about 5 inches deep I would guess, we were scared to touch it in case it all fell down in bits, but on the last day we gave it a poke and it all stayed together - phew!!  Imagine explaining that otherwise.

There was also this row what appeared to be bird houses, each glass piece had a hole in one side - a la birdhouse - and moss in the bottom.  As you can see they were strung from these branches which were strung from the ceiling.  We didn't touch these, even on the last day for fear of them falling!!

Although this lampshade isn't really to my taste, it was quite amazing.  It is a very thin sheet of wood veneer which was bent and twisted around.

I have never stayed anywhere like this and don't suppose that I will again, but it was very interesting to see.  I don't think that I will be copying any of these ideas for use at our home though!!


Monday, 29 September 2014

Ta Dah! Autumn Leaves Crochet Bunting

So far this year I have had three garlands going across my mantelpiece, so I definitely needed another one to add to the collection for autumn.

Firstly we had my Valentines Heart Crochet Garland.

Then my Spring Crochet Flowers Garland.

Next came my Strawberries Garland - also crocheted of course.

I had been denying that autumn was coming, but with other busy times in the offing and the berries changing colour as well as the leaves, there really is no denying that it is here.

When I was having a big clear out recently I found some skeins of old tapestry wool from a past project which were doing nothing other than being stuffed in a basket.  They were in the right colours for leaves and autumn leaves, so I knew straight away what I could turn them into.

These are the leaves I made and this is a first attempt at stringing them together for hanging as an autumn garland.  I wasn't happy with the results!

After some more fiddling around though I have - Ta Dah! - my Autumn Leaves Crochet Bunting.

My plan originally was to string the leaves across the fireplace as though they were falling from a tree, but they were too small and curly to do what I wanted.  An alternative was needed so I found some other yarn in autumny colours and made a string of bunting which I then sewed the leaves to.  I think that it works better than I had originally envisaged.  It is funny how that happens sometimes isn't it.

Here are some close ups of the different parts - I couldn't resist lots of photos!

The fireplace just needed one more thing to finish it off - although I will no doubt add some Halloween elements towards the end of October! - a wreath of leaves.  I bought this as a kit and assembled it very easily and then I hung it from the picture that is always over our fireplace.  The picture has autumn leaves on the trees in the background, so I thought it went rather well.

Here you can see the finished - for now! - fireplace.  All set for autumn.  We just have to wait for it to get cold enough to light the fire now!  I will probably also move the little vase of lavender on the left and change it out for something else - a candle perhaps - as I feel that there is a lot to the left and not so much to the right.

Although everything looks a little gloomy in these pictures it isn't really, it is just the time of year which isn't the best for indoor photography is it.  Oh well.  You can see just how big my big teacup is in this picture - bottom left!  We do move the draught excluder dog and the other dog when we light the fire in case you are worried.

I hope that you are enjoying your autumn or spring preparations wherever you are around the world.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Basildon Park - Shell Room

I have shared a post about the Shell Room at Basildon Park before, but I have taken some more photos and found some others that I had lurking waiting for attention, so I thought you might like them!


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Retrospective - Osborne House

Retrospectives - Looking back at old memories to bring the past into the future.

A visit to Osborne House, the home of Queen Victoria on the Isle of Wight.  The pictures are only of the outside as no photos were allowed inside.

It was a very rainy day when I visited and it was also very crowded.  It would be nice to go back on a drier and less busy day!