Monday, 26 February 2018


Hello folks

I just wanted to let you know that I will not be finishing out my grateful February because I am struggling with something right now and cannot focus on good things.

In some ways it isn't so serious and certainly isn't anything like as serious as what our dear blogging friend Janet has shared with us that she is dealing with, but it is tricky for me to handle.  If/as and when I can get my head around things to share with you I will, but for now I am retreating which isn't good for me, but I don't know what to write right now and even writing this is making me cringe.  It really probably isn't as dramatic as my trying not to tell you makes it sound, but it is big for me and not in a good way.

I am not fine, but chances are I will be, but I just cant share more right now.

Thank you for all of the lovely things you have been glad for and particularly to Janet and Lorraine who have visited these posts and commented on them a lot.

Hope to see you again in a couple of weeks, in the meantime thank you all and take care of yourselves and live for the day and tell your family you love them.


p.s. I thought I should add it is health related but isn't cancer or a stroke or one of those sort of things, just so your mind is at rest if you were worried about that.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Day Twenty Five Grateful Blogging February

I missed yesterday, not because I wasn't grateful for anything, but I just didn't get as far as blogging.  No worries!

Today I am grateful for kind neighbours who are going to help us with something, they are lovely, and I was sure they would be nice, but I am glad that they were.

Hope you have all had a good weekend, see you tomorrow for the last few days of grateful blogging February.


Friday, 23 February 2018

Day Twenty Three Grateful Blogging February

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope that you have a good weekend ahead of you.  I am not sure what we are doing but we have various things to catch up on so I guess that we will be pottering and doing things about the house.

I have realised that this "grateful" posts are also turning into a bit of a weather watch, so to update you on the weather today it is sunny and dry, but cold and there is some blue in the sky, but it is mainly covered with white clouds.  No snow and none of the really extreme cold they are predicting over the coming days, although there was a thick frost on the cars this morning.

Today I am grateful for some beautiful tulips that I have in a vase.  Sorry there are not any photos but I cannot seem to get photos into blogger at the moment for some reason - I think it is my computer - but I have shared them on IG if you want to have a look there.

Hope you have a great weekend.